My father is dead. My mother is dead. I will die being the end of this family line. It is here that I leave a final warning for any who wish to heed it.

To both friend and foe:
Stay away from the river.

-Nephi Graves, 1910

Interview Jamie Comstock


Development of the Parasitic Fungus 'Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis' Stage I

11"x 14"/Acrylic/2018

Development of the Parasitic Fungus 'Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis' Stage II

11"x 14"/Acrylic/2018

Development of the Parasitic Fungus 'Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis' Stage III

11"x 14"/Acrylic/2018

Sacrificial Chair to Resurrect the Guardian in the Missouri River Near New Zion

9"x 8.5"/Graphite on Paper/2016

Merriam Graves, the first Guardian, Defending New Zion

49.5"x 71"/Acrylic/2016-2017

Issac Graves Performing Rituals to Resurrect the New Zion Guardian, as his son Nephi Graves Tries to Look Away

70.5"x 55.25"/Acrylic/2018

Setting the Scene:Suspected Location of New Zion, Weston Bend State Park, Missouri

16"x 15"/Acrylic/2018

"What We Saw"


Setting the Scene:English Landing Park, Parkville, Missouri

10"x 15.25"/Acrylic/2018

Alley off Swift Between 28th and 29th Street, North Kansas City, Missouri

71"x 32"/Acrylic/2017

Interview Kelsey Z


The Artist as Issac Graves

71"x 32"/Charcoal on Paper/2017

ABOUT 1881

"1881" is an ongoing series that further explores ideas introduced in my Master's exhibition "The Fall of New Zion". Inspired by my age long fascination with science fiction, horror, and a newer interest in history, the body of work is a multi-media exploration of the power of both folk lore and historical narrative and their ability to form emotional connections to our surroundings.

Stories have the ability to alter the relationship we have with the places we inhabit. With a narrative associated to an environment, that space has the potential to grow larger than the area it occupies. "1881" investigates this power of narrative through a variety of voices and mediums to weave a fantastic story in a larger history of the Missouri River Valley region of the Midwest.